Hi folks,

I guess I've always been pretty "Detail Oriented" in a lot of ways when it comes to my car.  Well, you know how "First Impressions" are SO important?????  I guess that's why I keep my car SO clean.  Now don't get me wrong ..... I drive it 8 months of the year (no winter), but I don't take out the Civic just because it's raining and I've just washed the Cobra.  My Cobra is my Summer Daily Driver.  I even take it camping and fill it up till stuff is popping out my sunroof.  It's never been on a trailer.  I won't take it down stone roads though or drive closely behind trucks because those are just plain dumb ideas!  For those that live on a stone road my heart goes out to you.  :)

I guess I was just as adamant towards my 69 Chevelle, my 75 Nova, my two Gti's and my 93 5.0 convertible.  Although I could care less about my Civic!  I have spent lots of time and money experimenting with different waxes and polishes, as well as soaps and conditioners.  It wasn't until a couple of years ago that I decided to start showing my car.  I have done well in shows because I have unique items on my car which "look good" and because my car is spotless at shows (outdoor shows are tough).

I feel confident in answering most Detailing questions and if I do not know the answers, I won't just "Guess", to throw out a response.  I'll find the answer as best I can.

Suggestions for articles would be very helpful for sure, that way I know what ideas you would like me to cover.  I will also cover more than just "Cleaning and Polishing" the car.  In other words I'll get into ideas to
make your car "Look" more unique.  These articles may not be super long in length because how much can you say about "sponges" hehe.

Article suggestions can be e-mailed to me at Scott.Winger@sympatico.ca


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