Cooling The 4.6L Mustang GT & Cobra By Scott Winger (Misc. Tech Section)

Unfortunately our Cobras and GTs DO run hot.  There are a few ways to cool it.  If it is a 96 Cobra you can try and get Ford to do the TSB cooling upgrade which will help, but the downside is that a bigger rad (should you ever desire one) will no longer fit.  Of course you could just drop in a Griffin, and be done with it.  But should funds not be available …… read on.

This mod was told to me by Ryan Hernandez (Purple Haze).  I just decided to type it out!

This modification can be done in about 20 minutes and costs next to nothing.  When used, it will lower your operating temperature approximately 1 to 1.5 letters on the “Normal” gauge. All that is involved is to wire in a ground for the high-speed fan relay and switch it  so that you can turn it on anytime you want, and leave it on if so desired!  This mod I did last summer, and it WORKS LIKE A CHARM.


Pull the passenger kick panel and locate the LIGHT-GREEN wire with the purple stripe.  NOTE:  There IS a dark-green one on the Cobra…. (wrong one - it's a knock sensor wire).  Anyway...... once you have located this wire.... which will be grouped with a bunch of other wires running from the EEC up the back of the fire-wall  -  hard to find, but it's there...... (very difficult to get to - Yoga helps)..... tap into this wire (don't cut it in 2, just tap into it) and then solder it back up and tape it nicely.  Then to test it quickly turn your key on to cycle, and touch the other end of the wire to the ground bolt (also under the kick panel).  You will hear the fan turn on.... YEY.  Now, you are NOT done yet!  Wire in a 1/2 amp in-line fuse holder with fuse (safety reasons - no other purpose) and then continue this wire to a switch and ground the other side of the switch.  You are all set!  Kenny Brown sells this package for quite a bit and they give you a switch that goes in the glove box.  You could put it there if you want.  I have a coupe, so I purchased an additional Fog light switch and installed it in place of the coin holder.  It's nice and neat and accessible.

Grounding this particular wire simply closes the high-speed fan relay and turns on the fan!

Here are a couple of questions that were e-mailed to me and answers to them - you may find them helpful!

Q:  Where can I get this fuse? how much should it cost and how easy is it to install?  same questions on the extra foglight switch.... also how easy is it to punch out the coin holder and put in a new switch?

A:  The fuse and inline fuse holder you can buy at Radio Shack for appox. $4.  (the purpose of this is NOT to supply power but to protect the computer should power for any reason touch this ground wire it will stop at the fuse [because it will blow] therefore not continue to the eec.)  The inline fuse holder has a wire on each end.  You just pop in the fuse and wire it between the ground wire ..... and the eec, just like an extension cord in between 2 electrical wires.  When you punch out the coin holder make sure NOT to pry it from the side because  you will leave marks .......(I did this - DOH) instead, use needle nose pliers and pull straight up using the coin dividers as leverage.  You can also push with your other hand from underneath at the same time.  Take out the inside of the armrest and the lid.  the coin holder is in there tight but WILL pop out with lots of elbow and some cursing!  The new switch falls right in!

  Q:  Where exactly is this wire that I have to tap into? the kick panel (what's that :-)  what do I need to do to tap into it?  how much wire do I need to   run it to a switch and how should I route the wiring???

A:  OK, again very good questions .... I really should have been more specific.  The kick panel is the plastic wall that is directly to the right of the passengers feet.  You have to take off the door sill (you know what that is right?) and then there is one pull tab that holds the kick panel in place ..... you don't have to take out the pull tab, just pull on the kick panel and it will pull off, tab and all.  Have a flashlight available.  Then there is a support bracket that holds the computer (eec) in place.  It has 2 metal screws that holds this in place.  Visualize exactly how this looks so you get it back in place properly later!  Once the bracket is off, the eec goes up slightly then you can pull it out of it's nesting area a bit.  There are about 10 Zillion tiny wires going from the eec up into the firewall, so its hard to manipulate the eec around.  (BTW, now that you have the eec in your hand, if you look on the bottom and back of it, there is a spot where an aftermarket chip plugs into .... it will have a cover over it probably - just in case you wondered where those things went)   Anyway, within the big group of wires (that are probably tied together with black tape .... if so, trim the black tape a bit) is the magical wire that you are looking for.  On your GT there is just one green one with purple stripe (Cobra has 2).  NOW here is the concept ..... if you cut away a tiny part of the insulation for this wire, all the way around .... that is called "tapping into it", in other words you DO NOT cut the wire, that would be very bad!!!!!!  simply touching a ground wire to this will indeed turn on the fan (if the "key" is on)!.  SO, being very careful only to strip the fan wire slightly, meaning about 1/8" long (yes it's a little tough because there are so many of these tiny pesky wires ..... in fact just finding the right wire is like finding a needle in a hay stack...... but that's all a part of the fun right)?  Well, to make sure you have the right wire ..... turn on the key and then touch one end to this wire and the other end to a ground bolt ..... you will find a ground bolt at the floor under where the eec was ..... actually the floor will probably work too!  You should hear the fan come on and off as you remove the wire off and on the ground bolt.  OK, so now all you need to do is attach your wire to the fan wire and then tape it up good.  (solder is nice because it won't slip off, but as long as you do a good job it will be fine! - besides, can you imagine what it's like to get a gun under there?)  Cut this wire about 10-12" long - just to get it out of that area, then attach one end of the inline fuse holder then the next piece of wire needs to be long enough to reach the center console.   I ran my wire out the top of the kick panel above where the passengers knees would be (under the glove box) there are lots of other wires up in there to route it around without fear of it falling down.  Over to the left, back behind the stereo, then I ran it under the shifter cover (yes pull it off) and to do this I assisted the flimsy electrical wire, by tying it to a more rugged solid type of wire to aim it towards the installation position (follow?).  You  have to wire this into the switch from underneath.  Once the wire has reached the fog light switch area feed the wire up through the "Empty" hole and attach it to one side of the switch (there are 4 connectors .... 2 for the switch, and 2 for the light ..... you will have to play around to figure out which 2 are correct, and it does not matter which side either wire goes to ... remember it's just a ground).  Once you have the 2 prongs picked out, attach the lead from the eec that you ran under the center console to one end and secure this ... again a soldering gun is helpful - then attach to the other prong to another wire about 8" long ........ this 8" wire needs to be grounded to the car.  I found the best place was one of the bolts that are on the floor directly under the center console ( I think it's a mount for the Emergency brake handle).  Once this wire is in place.  Test the switch again by turning on the key.  Providing it is working OK,  place the switch into it's position and neatly tuck the wires into the console.  Then, place the eec back into it's nesting ground and re-install the bracket and finally the kick panel and door sill.  Voila!!!!!!!

You could find a power source for the light if you want that to work ...... actually YOU can use the Convert top
switch since you are not using it.  (I'm using mine for my fog lights to run them independently) 

The inline fuse holders position will be just outside the kick panel and above.  This way should the fuse blow (mine never has) it will be easier to replace.

§cott 96Çobra

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