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Project "Jenny Craig"
By: Nick D'Archangelo (PNYXPRS)

Some of you may have heard the rumor and the rest of you will cry laughing, but it is true, Ford put a 25lb weight in the front of every 94 and 95 GT Convertible (I believe they are also in the 96-98 GT Verts as well). You may be asking yourself "Who in there right minds would do this and why?" Well my Dad always said, "If it's there, it's there for a reason." There are many rumored reasons why it is there. The first is that it is there to eliminate hood shake at high rate of speeds. This thought scares me especially since they did a recall on the hoods in 94 and 95 for the potential of the hood separating and it flying off. Scary thing is this just happened to someone I know. The second is that it is there to offset the weight of the battery. This 25lb weight is located in the front passenger fender behind the headlights. With how flexible a convertible is this seems to make the most sense to me.
From what I have read, removing it is not a problem and should not cause any adverse effects. Note: I am not responsible for what you do to your car!!! I made the decision to remove it based on the fact that I have Kenny Brown Extreme Sub Frames and a 6-point roll bar. Everything I read about this weight related back to the flexibility of the convertible, and since that was no longer an issue for me, neither was this weight.
Tools for removal:
Mechanics Gloves, Floor Jack, Jack Stands, Phillips Screw Driver, and set of Metric Wrenches

Step One: Raise the front end of the car and support it with your Jack Stands.
Step Two: Unscrew the three screws that hold the wheel well in place and remove the tree clip. Carefully pull the wheel well away and you will see the weight. It is tubular and actually says, "Caution - 25lbs" on it.
Step Three: Remove the weight. I started by removing the end closest to the wheel. It is not real easy to get to the 2 nuts with the wrench so it make time to get it lose and then you can remove them by hand. The end close to the light is on a bracket that is connected to the fog light bracket. I elected to leave the bracket in place and remove the weight from the bracket. Caution - you are now lying on your back looking up at a 25lb weight that you are removing. THIS WILL HURT IF IT LANDS ON YOUR FACE!!!
Step Four: Once removed, replace the screws in the wheel well, lower the car, and start building your biceps with your new Ford Fitness Equipment.
This project took about 30 Minutes from start to finish. I have not had any problems and do not feel any difference, but hopefully I will see the difference on the track.
Next project: Remove the 40lbs of extra weight above my belt!!!
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